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Entosa servers are all located in U.S Florida.


We have 10,000 customers for a reason… our Incredible Network. We connect with each of our 6 Tier 1 transit providers via 10G fiber optics and maintain an overall network capacity of 100Gbps+. We ensure every packet of data travels to its destination over the absolute fastest path by utilizing the Noction Intelligent Routing Platform. We further enhanc the Entosa network with our private peering connections via 10G in Los Angelas, Dallas, Atlanta and Seattle.

Simply put, we have an enormous connection directly to the internet and the ability to serve any internet need one could dream up. Our BGP and IRP route optimization will always choose the absolute fastest path to get your data from point A (Entosa server) to point B (you or your customer’s location).

Entosa maintains low overall network utilization at all times providing durability during any large internet routing issues such as a DDOS or DOS attack.


Entosa is committed to providing a standard of service and reliability unparalleled in the hosting industry. The Entosa data center uses redundant Cisco and Foundry components to eliminate any single point of network layer failure. Our network is multi-homed through redundant Tier 1 carriers which results in you, the customer, always being able to count on fast and reliable connectivity to our network. Additionally, we have multiple fiber entry points into our data center to ensure our network is never cut off from the world wide web.

SOur Data Center is outfitted with redundant CRAC, Battery Power and Diesel Generator Power to ensure uptime in any situation. In the event of a utility power outage we immediately fail-over to our n+1 UPS and battery banks. If after 30 seconds utility power has not been fully restored our 1.5 megawatt Cummins diesel generator automatically fires up and power is then transferred to generator a few seconds later (we have enough diesel fuel capacity to stay on generator power for 1 week if necessary). We will then remain on generator power for 30 minutes after reliable utility power has been fully restored. Power is automatically conditioned during each transfer by our n+1 PMM units to ensure clean and reliable power at every stage and source.

Each of our shared servers utilize RAID for maximum data availability. Each of our dedicated server offerings can be outfitted with RAID and/or multiple power supplies upon request.


The total incoming power is a multiple of what is required to run the datacenter. There is an ATS (Automatic Transfer switch) in place to automatically kick in a generator in case of a power failure. The datacenters are also equipped with redundant UPS systems to ensure clean power.

Advanced Smoke Detection & Fire Protection Systems

The datacenters are equipped with specialized fire detection and protection systems meant specifically for protecting servers as using ordinary water based systems would cause just as much damage as fire.


Network security at Entosa is paramount.Entosa maintains redundant firewalls that stop most attacks before they start. Additionally, we have in place on our network an intrusion detection system that is automatically updated each time a new security flaw is discovered worldwide. Each of our servers goes through a stringent hardening process prior to being introduced on our network. Additionally, each server has the option to have a software or hardware firewall enabled for exclusive security enhancement.

The Entosa data center is ultra-secure with only Entosa employees having access to our offices and server rooms. Access to our building is only granted via employee key cards or after security clearance from within our secured lobby. In the event a customer needs personal access to their server on the data center floor, they will be escorted through additional security points by a Entosa employee who will assist and monitor all activity. Secure computer labs and work benches are available off the data center floor for on-site customer needs. Entrance and exit from these labs is granted from an internal intercom system located in each lab room. Additionally we have in place many of the latest security measures including but not limited to; fire detection and suppression and closed circuit cameras monitoring every square foot of our facility.

We provide 24×7 power back up systems for all the equipments to ensure zero downtime or minimal interruptions in operations due to high capacity, power cut, reliable power generators. sophisticated onsite security through surveillance cameras and advanced biometric systems to prevent unlawful entry networking equipments are fully redundant high-end switches and routers.

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